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Jun. 7th, 2017 10:35 pm
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NAME: Thalia
AGE: over 18
JOURNAL: no personal journal
IM / EMAIL: sharkteethies (discord)
PLURK: [ profile] candlecane
RETURNING: kinda! I played here before but I am not a current player

SERIES: DC Comics (Future’s End)
HOUSING: He would probably like to be with his brother Terry but if that’s not possible anywhere is fine


Sooo. I’m gonna preface this section by saying that the timeline of Future’s End is just very… very… contradictory. And confusing. Some of this has to do with Time Travel shenanigans playing a major part in certain areas but other times it just seems like the writers forgot what they wrote two chapters prior.

WITH THAT SAID. Ima do my best here.

So Matt had a fairly normal childhood. His parents divorced at a young age and he lived with his mom, while his older brother lived with his dad. When he was around nine his father was killed and Terry came to live with him and his mom, at the same time starting a job as Bruce Wayne’s assistant. AND ALSO BATMAN. But Matt didn’t know this yet.

He never found out until around a year to a year and a half after Terry started being Batman. You see he was walking home from school one day with his friends and they happened on a brawl between Batman and Shriek. And Matt being like eleven at the time and possessing no common sense decided it’d be pretty schway to just stick around and watch. The bridge he’s on gets blown up, he gets buried under the rubble, and breaks like half the bones in his body (not even an exaggeration). Terry, understandably, feels guilty as heck about all this (since he didn’t clear the area of civilians) and when Matt wakes up later in the hospital Terry tells him he’s Batman and shows him the suit. Matt of course is on so many pain killers at this point that he probably thinks he’s hallucinating or something.

So after this is the first bit where things get wonky with contradictions. There one bit where Matt says that right after this is when Brother Eye ( crazy robot dude who destroyed society as a whole, I’ll get more to him in a bit) first attacked and that’s when Terry went back in time and died and Tim Drake came back in his place. I said things were getting complicated. HOWEVER he also said in an earlier issue that the first attack came when he was on a field trip, and a lady who worked at the museum he was at took him to watch him after that while his brother was out being Batman. The only thing that’s consistent about both of these is that Matt and Terry’s mom as well as Bruce Wayne died during this first attack.

Either way the second one I mentioned there makes a little more sense as Matt has a lot of knowledge regarding Terry’s time as Batman including knowing most of the vocal commands for various functions of the Batsuit.

SO ANYWAYS. Back to the attack and stuff. Brother Eye attacks the Earth in general. Destroys like… most of society except for Gotham (after initial attacks they had something in place called the Veil which somehow protected the city) and captures the Justice League, putting them in stasis and using their genetic code for the basis of a bunch of SUPER CYBORGS.

It’s around this point Terry goes back in time to try and fix the whole Brother Eye thing before it happens and some how dies. He gives a twenty something year old Tim Drake the Batsuit and Tim comes forward in time to protect the future!!

Matt is kinda pissed. Because this stranger who is lame and has not shaved in a week is wearing his BROTHERS SUIT and that’s not cool. He also is dumb and doesn’t know how to use any one the high tech functions. At some point Brother eye sends some of his SUPER CYBORGS to attack Gotham and Matt is slightly impressed by Tim’s handling of them. Just slightly. Tim is still a huge loser who doesn’t deserve his brother’s suit. After the attack while things are being cleaned up Matt steals the arm of cyborg Green Lantern and it has the actual green lantern ring on it! Which is awesome. So he decide to go and find and rescue the Justice League. Because no one else seems to be doing it. He gets the robo arm analyzed to find it’s origin. Which is Metropolis! So he’s off on adventure.

Which means he has to leave Gotham. And the outside world is pretty much like Mad Max territory at this point. Looters and scavengers everywhere. Rubble, danger, not much water, probably a lot of broken glass on the ground. So he finds his way to Metropolis on his own! And is super annoyed to find that TIM HAS FOLLOWED HIM WTF SMH. Whatever! There are some hijinks with some Splicers and Matt breaks into the Justice League Tower and the Green Lantern ring floats and Lead Matt to where the Justice League on a whole is locked in stasis. He frees them and after a brief misunderstanding where they are all hallucinating on a whole and attack Batman-Tim they get their shit together and agree that hey we should do something about this post apocalyptic wasteland and also Brother Eye.

Some more things happen! Tim saves Max Gibson and Barbara Gordan from this Brother Eye Brainwashing camp which finally makes Matt realize that while not his brother Tim makes a pretty decent Batman after all. Especially after his kicks Brother Eye’s butt.

After that Tim shows Matt the Batcave and Matt appolagizes for acting like a jerk to him and starts running a sort of mission control for him from there like Bruce used to do for Terry.

SPEAKING OF TERRY. He is not as dead as he seemed to be. He was just brainwashed by Spellbinder! No word on HOW he got back from the past but HEY he’s alive yay! And got all snapped out of his brainwashing which is great. What’s not great is that even though Matt begs him to stay Tim gets on his motorcycle and rides off into the sunset.

After this Matt, Terry and Max all live in an apartment together and everything is great. Except the Jokerz gang is starting to stir SHIT UP and grow in numbers like there’s a few hundred of them or something and they’re living in a compound called Jokerz Town. Terry’s Batsuit gets ruined so he goes undercover as a Joker to see what’s up. Turns out they got the actual real joker there! Cept he’s old and in a coma and stuff. Then Terry gets into a heap of trouble and Matt figured he needs to help him. So he does some poking around in the Cave and finds an old experimental Batsuit, stuffs it in a backpack and steals some other random equipment (like some smoke pellets!) and BREAKS INTO JOKERZ TOWN!

He does a lot of mad dashing around but final finds his bro and gives him his new suit and his brother SAVES THE DAY. Also he SAVES BRUCE WAYNE. Where did Bruce Wayne come from? Wasn’t he dead? Nope! The guy who was in a coma wasn’t the Joker it was just Bruce in a coma with bad facepaint on. The actual Joker was a random janitor lurking around the compound. Lots of dead people just constantly coming back!

Aaaand that’s about that!


Bruce Wayne describes Matt as ‘young and full of fire’ which is about as accurate a description as you can get of the kid. He’s very bold and very passionate and when he sets his mind on something he’s going to get it done. His ‘Can-Do’ attitude is second to none. This is first evidenced when he sets out to find and rescue the Justice League. No one else seemed like they were gonna do it so he might as well. The world desperately needed the Justice League after Brother’s Eye’s attack. So he hatched a quick plan and headed out on his own.

This also shows how quick thinking he is. It didn’t take him long to come up with a good plan… however it also shows his youth and inexperience as well as a bit of an impulsive streak. Sure he came up with a good plan but he didn’t really think things through entirely and left too quickly to properly supply himself. It’s a long walk between Gotham and Metropolis and the world is a wasteland between them. He didn’t think ahead enough to pack enough food and water for the trip and had to rely on the charity of other travelers as well as a bit of scavenging to get by.

This ‘look before you leap’ attitude is especially evident when it comes to family. When family (aka mostly Terry but it also extends to Max and Tim) is in danger his need to help them just overrides nearly everything else. When he saw his brainwashed brother on the monitors in the batcave after thinking he was dead he immediately ‘borrowed’ the Batmobile and took off strait to him.

Family just means that much to him and he has so little family left he tends to act kind of klingy to the relatives he still has. He hates to see them hurt, hates to see them leave, even to the point of begging Tim to stay before he left Gotham. He even apologized for being a jerk to him. See he originally LOATHED Tim because he thought he was trying to replace his brother and did everything possible to be cold obnoxious to him. It took him a while to warm up to him but once he did, and Matt saw that he was a decent Batman after all, Tim ended up being like a surrogate big brother to him in Terry’s place. He really looked up to him.

Matt is also a kid that speaks his mind. He really doesn’t have much of a censor and pretty much just says whatever comes to mind. This can often lead to him coming off as kinda snarky. He’s not always sassy though, and can be very polite when he wants to be as seen when he respectfully refers to Bruce as ‘Mr. Wayne’.

He’s pretty bright and picks up on things easily. He managed to memorize all of the vocal activation commands for his brother’s batsuit, learned how to use the computer in the batcave after presumably a few quick lessons from Tim and pretty much taught himself how to engage the autopilot functions in the Batmobile.

Phasing (Non-Canon Power) – Matt will be able to phase, or walk, through physical objects by changing his density. Changing it doesn’t require much thought, if he wants to walk through something his body just adjusts as normal. This also extends to clothes he’s wearing and any objects he’s holding onto. The upper limit would be phasing though holding onto two or three other people tops.

Invisibility (Non-Canon Power) – Simply put, He can turn invisible. Or partially invisible so he looks all transparent and ghosty. This also extends to clothes he’s wearing and any objects he’s holding onto. The upper limit would be going invisible while holding onto two or three other people tops.

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